More Bad Ideas Please

“The problem is that you can't have good ideas unless you're willing to generate a lot of bad ones.” —Seth Godin

Ever since I can remember, I have enjoyed writing. I grew up making comics and stories. At some point in my life, something clicked, but not in a good way. I became a paralyzed perfectionist. (As a testament to this, I am currently fighting the urge to delete this and go home.)

I have a ton of notes saved on my phone of ideas and writings that I hope to come back to, but I never do. They stay there as headstones of a past thought.

This upcoming Fall I am teaching a course on design criticism. My students will be tasked with writing a lot more about design. I can’t challenge them without challenging myself. 

Going forward with a new platform to share, my hope is that I can share some of my thoughts—be it good or bad.

WritingJake Dugard