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Shitty First Drafts

Writing is difficult. Writing something worthwhile is some other monster completely. One day though, I will sit down and write something that I’m proud of. Something that will resonate with people. It will be honest, true, and memorable.

But for now, writing mostly resembles wading through a shallow swamp. The water is low enough to walk, but the steps are slow, awkward, and it smells like shit.

The title of this post was borrowed from a piece of writing I recently reread by an author that I’ve admired for a decade now, Anne Lamott. In her book Bird by Bird, she admits the real struggles that she has writing and the only way around that is by simply writing. Lamott writes: 

So I'd start writing without reigning myself in. It was almost just typing, just making my fingers move. And the writing would be terrible.

After letting herself vomit her brains on the page, she would step back, then edit, then write, then edit, write, edit, and so on.

Write > Edit > Write > Edit > Write > Edit > Write > Edit

Relaunching this blog, I was adamant about writing more without being paralyzed by fears of imperfection. I post this in hopes that with a good bit of time writing and editing that both my writing and design will improve, but for now, I'm ok with this being a shitty first draft.

Photo by Tomo Nogi on Unsplash