Design Criticism 2018

Art 255
Design Criticism

Fall 2018
WOOH 207
M/W 12–1:50p

Jake Dugard

Office No. B17
Office hours:  M–F 9–11a
or by appointment 


Course introduction
Lecture 01: Design is Writing
Read: What writing has to do with design, Writing is the new unicorn skill, Writing is Design, TooIf You are Writing an Essay or a ThesisWhy Write About Graphic Design? and listen to Seth Godin’s podcast No such thing (as writer’s block)
Assignment: Write “100 Words on Design” essay (exactly 100 words) 

“100 Words on Design” due
Watch: Design Q&A with Charles Eames
Reading discussion
Read: The Shape of Design (p. IX–34) (Download PDF)
Assignment: write “Why I am a Designer” essay (≥ 250)

“Why I am a Designer” due (discussion)
Reading discussion
Lecture 02: Design Criticism
Read: TSD (p. 35–57), Criticism = Love, How to Take Criticism
Assignment: bring in design piece that inspires you

Reading discussion
Read: TSD (p. 60–89), What Do We Want from Design Criticism?Graphic Design Criticism as a Spectator Sport
Assignment: write “Message, Tone and Format” essay (≥ 300)

“Message, Tone and Format” essay due (upload here)
Watch: Eames: The Architect & The Painter
Read: TSD (p. 90–99), Cult of the Ugly
Assignment: Beautiful & Ugly

Beautiful & Ugly discussion
Watch: Saul Bass on beautiful work vs money
Read: TSD (p. 100–122)
Assignment: write dissection of each artifact  

Beautiful & Ugly due (upload pdf here)
Lecture 03: Thoughts on Brands
Read: How to Redesign a Tech Logo, Instagram’s Abomination (3 Parts) and Brand New reviews
Listen: Negative Space Logo Design
Assignment: write a review of a redesigned brand (≥ 400)

Discuss Final Project and assign groups
Work on Brand Review
Listen: Dropbox, Not a Literal Box
Watch: Why Redesign the Dropbox Logo
Assignment: finish Brand Review

Brand Review due (upload file here)
Watch Visual Acoustics: The Modernism of Julius Shulman
Read: The Architecture of Happiness (p. 10–13)
Assignment: Tour Guide

Discuss reading
Work on Tour Guide
Meet with group

*** Video Essay proposals due (3) *** (upload here)
Tour Guide due (upload file here)
Watch Objectified
Read: Everything Connects: The Story of a Plywood Chair and The Design of Everyday Things
Assignment: bring an object that you don’t mind losing

Meet in groups and discuss reading
Discuss video essay proposals
Assignment: Objectivity

Objectivity due (upload file here)
Meet and work with group

*** Video Essay outline/storyboard due ***
Meet with groups
Watch: Designing for Social Change and Why I'm an architect that designs for social impact, not buildings
Last day to drop with W is 10/26

Lecture: Design for Social Change (Dellanee Wade)
Assignment: Social Change

Discuss Social Change assignment
Course Evaluation
Work on Video Essay

Discuss final deliverables and checklist
Video Essay Workday

Video Essay Workday

Group 1: Final Video Essay and critique
Class Survey

Group 2: Final Video Essay and critique
Spiral bound book and website/blog of all assignments due (upload file here)