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Creative Works Conference

I spent this past weekend in the lovely city of Memphis at the first (of hopefully many) Creative Works Conference. This conference turned out to be an intimate experience with creatives from all walks of life (designers, photographers, developers, illustrators, letterers, videographers, etc) sharing not only successes, but also vulnerable stories of trials and failures. This turned out to be exactly what I needed and, from the sound of it, what other people needed as well. Instead of speaker after speaker sharing 10 points to success or how they made it big, it was a breath of fresh air of honesty and humility.


A small thanks to a few people:

Josh Horton: Thanks for stepping out there and attempting something that had to be scary and a lot of work. It most definitely was a success. Do it again.

Jesse Bryan: Beautifully profound work. Often, I get tied up in the superficial. What we believe is our best differentiation from anyone else. Love that.

Danielle Evans: You win the "Most Vulnerable Talk Ever" Award. It was beautiful and something we all needed to hear. Thanks.

Greg Lutze: Great one liners of truth that I think challenged and encouraged everyone. "I'm pretty sure the road to hell is lined with likes and follows." Drop the mic. Walk away. Thanks for sharing what VSCO is all about. I can say I am now an even bigger fan of what y'all do.

Joey Ellis: You are freaking hilarious. Keep doing you.

Matt Lehman: Keep rocking that 2009 portfolio. Your work is always on point and you are a down to earth guy. Thanks for sharing your heart. fashionABLE. That's good stuff.


I didn't get a chance to explore the city as much as I wanted to, but I got to see/visit/eat a few things that I love.