Professional Practice I

Art 480
Professional Practice I


Fall 2019
VAC 115
TR 2–5:50pm

Jake Dugard

Office No. 105
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M–F 9–11am


Photo for Crouwel Exhibition by Experimental Jetset

Photo for Crouwel Exhibition by Experimental Jetset

One of the greatest graphic designers, Wim Crouwel, passed away today. His influence on typography, the grid, composition, and design as a mindset and lifestyle cannot be overstated.
I will continue to meet with each one of you to look at big picture portfolio stuff and to hear where you think your strengths and weaknesses are. Tuesday, we will begin to look at your proposals for the quarter-long project to add to your portfolio so make sure you write out your brief. Below is a link to all of the info for writing the brief. Also, we will discuss the readings.

Read: OSWN (p. 42–73), A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny
Assignment: write brief for quarter-long project

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 7.57.27 AM.png

I really enjoyed the conversation we had surrounding the readings. We will continue to do those discussions but I will look for different ways to try and engage everyone in the discussion. I know it can be intimidating to speak in front of 26 people.
We wrapped up our final Portfolio Audit Presentations. Great job compiling your work so far. I really enjoy this class from a structure perspective. We will do a ton of stuff this quarter, but it is fairly laid back. We will have a ton of work days scattered in there. There is a tendency for students to relax too much and realize the quarter is almost done before work happens.
Remember the bigger picture. We are trying to better prepare our portfolio. So if you find some free time, work on the things that you know need work. In the meantime, I will be meeting with each one of you to gauge your thoughts on your portfolio, things you need to work on, your hopes, fears, etc.

Read: OSWN (p. 42–73), A Portfolio Hiring Managers Can’t Deny — Discussion on September 24
Assignment: Begin thinking of a quarter-long, directed studies project to work on; more info next class

Great Day 02 of Portfolio Audit Presentations. We’ll wrap up with the last two on Tuesdays (Sarah and Will). We will also have a discussion around the reading(s) and everyone’s In 1 Year essays. No one will have to read theirs out loud. I just want to know what the experience of writing something was like so be ready to share thoughts on the process of writing something to your future self.
Begin to think about a schedule for finessing some of your older projects. A lot of y’all were critiquing your own work during the presentations so you should know what needs a little love. This next week, I will be meeting with each student individually to go over some of the specifics with their work.

Read: OSWN p.06–41 (PDF), In Defense of Generalism, and peruse How to get a job at X. Discussion on 9.17.
Assignment: Write In 1 Year essay (due 9.17)

Great start to the Portfolio Audit Presentations. If you did not present today, make sure you are ready to go Thursday. We will try to minimize transition times. If you already presented, begin to establish a list of things you need to start working on. Don’t check out because you already presented.
Next week will be devoted to meeting with everyone to discuss how they are feeling about their work and what gaps or issues need to be worked on this quarter/year.
Like I mentioned, it would be amazing if we could swing Creative Works. It is a 3 day conference in Memphis. It’s October 3–5 and it’s $200/student (does not include housing and food). If you went to Crop last year, it’s basically Crop, but on crack. The speaker line-up is amazing this year (I’m personally excited about Dave Carson, Lisa Congdon, Tyler Deeb, Ty Mattson, and many more. All of them. I am excited about all of them.) I am trying to coordinate this trip with a fellow professor at Jacksonville State University in Alabama. If you are genuinely interested, please let me know by Thursday. If we have enough of an interest, we’ll make it happen.

Read: OSWN p.06–41 (PDF), In Defense of Generalism, and peruse How to get a job at X. We will have a discussion September 17.

Welcome back everyone. I am excited to get this year going. I am especially excited because this is a magical, nerve-wrecking, crazy season of figuring out what comes next. Enjoy this time.
This is the online home for this class. So if you have any questions, can’t remember what is expected the next class, or need to find a resource, come here and take a look around. I will be posting a class reflection after every meeting time.
Homework: order your sketchbook, this book, and this book (15% off discount by using code HELTJD18); start your portfolio audit and working on your presentation



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